Productivity Tool Review:

I just started using a website called 750words. It’s been a great tool for me to help increase and track my productivity. It has been wonderful to use this online and just be encouraged to write. I use this every morning regularly now and even throughout the day for my blog posts, articles, and longer writings and ramblings.

I like it because it is so simple to use and has a ┬áreally clean platform without any distractions to get in my way when I am writing. It keeps track of your word count and allows you to just keep writing without being bothered by editing or other functions that may slow you down. Of course you will need to do some editing as you transfer or export your writing out of the web platform, but what writer doesn’t need to take a few extra minutes editing already?

Check into and see what you think. I believe it will help you achieve your writing goals and progress significantly.